Customer Payments
How can I accept payments using Paytm Wallet?
You can accept Paytm Wallet payment using Dynamic QR solution. Please contact the Customer Support Helpdesk for activation
How can I accept payments from Credit / Debit cards?
You can accept Credit and Debit card payments from Paytm All-in-one smart devices or Paytm EDC devices. To know more about our EDC devices, kindly contact the Customer Support helpdesk
What is the payout cycle for payments collected via Paytm Wallet or EDC device?
Payouts for transactions collected a particular day will be deposited to your bank account in the next working day (T+1 basis)
What is Store Credit?
Store credit is pending payment to be settled between the customer and the store
Where can I find customer wise credit history?
You can view the customer settlement history from the Customer Manager Section
Select the customer and tap on store credit to view the credit history
When a customer pays back the pending credit amount, how can I capture it in POS?
  • Go to Customer Manager
  • Search for the customer using name or mobile number and select the customer from the list
  • Tap on Store Credit and select whether the customer is paying the store or whether the store is paying the customer
  • Select payment mode and enter amount being paid and tap on apply
  • Tap on Confirm Payment