How to add a product to the cart?
You can add a new product from the catalogue screen which is visible after tapping the New Order button. There are three options to add a product:
  • Scan the product barcode using a connected barcode scanner
  • Search for a product using the search bar
  • Tap on a product from the catalogue scroll and add
How can I edit price of a product before billing?
Price can be edited for an item for the specific order by swiping right on the item and tapping on Edit Price option.
Can I queue an ongoing order and start a new order?
You can queue an ongoing order by tapping on Queue at the bottom of the Cart on Android or Park Sale at the bottom of the cart for WebPOS
How can I refund an invoice?
  • Go to Dashboard > Sales
  • Select Invoice Tab and search for the invoice to be refunded
  • Tap on refund. This will redirect you to the Billing Section
  • Swipe left and tap on Delete Items that has to be refunded
  • Tap on proceed and select the payment mode used for settling refund
How to discard order that was opened?
Tap on the Discard icon available on the top right corner of the Cart to discard the opened order Note: Order cannot be discarded once it has been closed
How can I add product description such as IMEI and Warranty?
  • Swipe right on the items that require to record these details and tap on Properties
  • Feed the details required in the window like IMEI and Warranty
What 'Add comment' on Cart screen does?
This feature can be used to add additional details pertaining to thespecific transaction. This will print in the invoice
How to apply item level and cart level discounts?
Item Level Discounts
  • Swipe right on the item for which you want to provide discount
  • Tap on Edit Price and then select the option Discounts
  • Select the type of discount available,viz., Percentage, Flat or Coupon Discount
  • Enter required value of discount and tap on apply
Cart Level Discounts
  • At the bottom of the cart, tap on the Grand Total or Discount
  • Select the type of discount available,viz., Percentage, Flat or Coupon Discount
  • Enter required value of discount and tap on apply
Can I delete an invoice?
No, An invoice cannot be deleted. However, you can process the refund to tally the sales data
Does Smart Retail support digital invoices?
Yes, Our POS supports SMS and Email invoices as well. You would have to record the customers Email ID and Mobile number in the Customer details section for the invoices to be sent to them
What are channels?
Channels are different methods through which you sell your products Ex:- In-store/Walk-in, Home Delivery, Online Sales etc.
How to select a sales channel for billing?
In billing section, tap on the Sales channel shown on top of the page. A pop up will appear with list of sales channel that was created by you
How to sync changes done on backend portal?
Swipe right on the current page, tap on the option Sync Store
Is it mandatory to enter customer details during billing?
No, customer details are not mandatory in our POS. However, customer details can be set to be made mandatory