Device Settings
How to add a new printer for invoices?
  • Go to Configure Device
  • Select Assign on Default Invoice Printer Option
  • Tap on the printer name displayed (if connected to same network)
  • You use ""Add Manually"" option if printer is not displayed
  • Select 2/3 Inch tab for Thermal printer and A4 tab for A4 printer
Does the POS application support A4 printers?
Yes. Our application supports both A4 and thermal printers.
What is the process to connect a barcode scanner?
You can connect a USB type Barcode Scanner to your smartphone using a OTG cable. It is a simple plug and play process without any additional requirement
What languages does Smart Retail support and how to choose it?
Smart Retail currently supports English, Hindi, Spanish and Arabic, with many other regional languages to be added soon.
To change the app language:
  • Tap on Settings from the main menu
  • Go to Options tab
  • Select the required language